• VEGA 60
  • VEGA 80


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  • VEGA 60

Depalletiser for glass Vega 60

Automatic “sweep” depalletiser for complete layers of product, composed of product support walls, double mechanical system for vertical movement of the pallet and the motorised layer transfer table.

Very quick format change

Down time due to changing from one format to another is eliminated as It is possible to change from one type and/or size of container by simply inserting the details of the new product height in the control panel keyboard.

Compact footprint

Due to the design of the entire work area, in addition to the extreme ease of use and maintenance.

Pallet infeed at ground level

The basic machine has been specifically designed in this way making it easier to infeed full pallets with a fork lift.

Fully automatic version available

The machine is designed so that the all phases of the work cycle can be fully automated; pallet infeed, empty pallet outfeed and layercard removal.


  • Automatic pallet infeed
  • Empty pallet magazine
  • Layercard removal device with magazine
  • Oval and/or rectangular product outfeed belt
  • Touch screen control
  • Supervision and teleassistance via modem