• HELIX 3

Fully automatic pallet stretch wrapping machine with rotating arm for stretch wrapping palletized loads with polyethylene stretch film where medium to high production outputs are required.

Thanks to the rotating arm technology, the stretch wrapping process is performed on a static pallet thus eliminating any risk of product falling from the load during the wrapping process regardless the arm rotation speed.

Every pallet stretch wrapper from Robopac Sistemi can be fitted with a power pre stretch film delivery system that reduces film usage by up to 50% compared with hand wrapping and substantially increases load stability and presentation. Pre stretch ratio adjustable by changing gears or from the control panel.

Helix machines represent the ideal solution for wrapping light, easily deformable, unstable loads and are present in most market segment fields.

Due to versatile construnction of the rotary arm design the Helix range of stretch wrapping machines can be configured to wrap an outstanding range of products both larger and smaller than the standard pallet format.

Helix 3 is ideal for an output capacity up to 65 loads/h depending on line speed, top cover and the total number of revolutions of film required.